nedjelja, 29. ožujka 2015.

Products that I've been trying out!

Hello guys!
Today I'll write about some products that I have been trying out lately!
I have to start with my favourite product and that would be my Pyrus mineral deodorant!
This deodorant has changed my life! It is a little bit unusual, but it does miracles! This thing is an actual mineral and the way you use this is that you wet the mineral with water and then you just apply it. After you applied it, you just wipe it with a towel. It is very simple and trust me, it does miracles!

I have never heard of this mascara before, but the first moment that I used it, I fell in love with it. It adds volume to my lashes, it curls them and they're so black! I just can't find the words to descirbe how amazing this mascara is.

Now, this mascara isn't what I have expected it to be. It leaves my lashes flat and boring, that is the best way I can describe it.
I don't recommend it.

I don't use that much of nail products and I don't know much about them, but this moisture nail gel thrilled me! After using it for about one week I can already see how my nails are stronger and healthier! You should definitely  try it!

And last but not least is my Avon Femme parfume! I love it beacause it smells so girly and feminine, but it is also on stronger side so don't overuse it!

That is it for today's post and I hope you liked it! Also, should I do a post dedicated to fashion and my outfits? Leave me a response down in the comment section!

subota, 7. ožujka 2015.

The Versatile Blogger Award

Hi guys! I am nominated for another award, The versatile blogger award! I just wanted to say that I am so thankful that people nominate me for blogger awards and that people read my blog! So, thank you Christina so much!
The rules are simple, you just have to: 1. Thank the person who nominated you and link them
                                                              2. Tell the person who nominated you the 7 facts about you
                                                             3. Nominate 15 bloggers that you follow or recently discovered


  • I am from Croatia, Karlovac
  • I love reading, writing, listening music, hanging out with my friends...
  • I speak croatian, german, english and italian language
  • My favorite school subject is chemistry
  • I love changing the way I look every once in awhile
  • Beside becoming pharmacist, my dream job is also being blogger/writer
  • I have 7 years of musical experience


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