subota, 22. studenoga 2014.

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petak, 21. studenoga 2014.

How to make your Mondays suck less?

Let's face it, our Mondays basically look like this.
We are craving for strong coffee and,well... Sleep.
I will give you some advice how to make your Monday morning wonderful. Okay, I can't do that, but I can at least try to give you an advice on how you can make them bearable.


If you have to get up early in the morning, go to sleep earlier the night before.
And don't force yourself to get up super early, give yourself some extra 15 minutes of sleep and trust me, your morning will be better.


If you have to go to work or to school and you don't have the time to pack your bag or decide on what outfit do you want to wear, just do all these things the night before!
That way you will be able to get ready without rushing and drink your coffee/ tea in peace.


If you are feeling crappy that morning right when you wake up,then blast some music! That will cheer you up and if you dance to it, you will be in better mood and it will shake your body up!

Well, these are all advices I can remember and they acutally helped me alot! 
If you have your own advices feel free to comment them down below and I hope you liked this post!

petak, 14. studenoga 2014.

Relatable post to any girl out there

Hello! My name is Dorotea and I decided to start out my own blog.
Since my blog name is Chick chat, today I decided to do a post that is relatable to any girl out there!
Now, there is soo many situations with which we girls, can relate to.

SITUATION  #1: I look good today and my camera won't cooperate!
 Well, it sucks. I look really nice, I tried so hard to get my lightning good and then I decided to take a selfie... But my camera thinks I look like I lived in a cave for past 3 years, so she won't cooperate with me.

SITUATION  #2: I really like him, but I don't want talk to him
Yeah, you like this boy so much and you really want talk to him, but you can't beacause you don't want him to thinks that you are annoying.
We all have been there and done that, but we really have to take the courage and talk to the boy we like! I mean, c'mon what is the worst thing that can happen?

SITUATION  #3: I want to be healthy, but that pizza smells so good!
You have probably tried to eat healthy and exercise, but then your mom brought the most delicious pizza ever made!
And then you're like: 'Well, I guess I could eat some, I won't eat the whole pizza.'
That a lie! You know you will regret it and you know you will eat a lot of it and then.. Then you cry.

SITUATION  #4: That outfit is so cute, but it doesn't look good on me!
You picked an awesome and cute outfit for school, you put it on and... And then you realize that it is a mess!
The top is slouchy, pants are so baggy and shoes are so dirty!
Why does it always happens to me?!?

SITUATION #5: I'm in bed, feeling so warm and cozy but I forgot to turn off the lights!
I think this is the worst situation that we can all relate to!
You are feeling so warm and cozy and then you realize that you forgot to turn off the lights!
Great, now you have to get up from your warm bed to turn off the lights..

So that is it for todays post, I hope you liked it and that you related to at least one of the situations!
If you are, then leave a comment below telling me which one you related to!

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